Slurry Blasting

Slurry blasting is another example of Premium Plant Services’ commitment to providing versatile and industry-leading cleaning solutions. Offered exclusively by Premium Plant Services, slurry blasting combines the power and efficiency of hydroblasting with the tough scouring action of sandblasting.

Premium Plant Services uses the latest method in industrial technologies to mix either non-abrasive or abrasive media with water, minimizing dust and water usage as a solution to many of today’s surface coating removal and preparation challenges.

The water used in slurry blasting cushions the blasting process. The slurry is then discharged at a controlled velocity at the surface to be cleaned.

Slurry blasting is environmentally friendly and highly effective. Our process minimizes media consumption and lowers water usage to less than 1 quart per

minute. We can also minimize dust, compressing up to 90% even in open-air blasting without need for containment.

No other service company can match Premium’s innovative cleaning solutions.

Slurry Blasting is ideal for:

  • Dryers
  • Fans
  • Non-profiling
  • Stacks
  • Surface preparation
  • Restoration
  • Rust inhibitor