Robotic Duct & Pipe Cleaning

Cleaning air ducts, ventilation systems, pipes and industrial exhausts is challenging and time consuming work. In the past, thorough cleaning required disassembly, downtime, an extensive cleaning process and reassembly. Thankfully, advances in technology have created a thorough cleaning process which is significantly faster, more efficient and effective using dry ice.

At Premium, our line of dry ice blasting robots clean all varieties of duct work, pipes and ventilation systems. Dry ice blasting robots easily take care of cleaning and maintenance without water, harsh chemicals and the hassles of disassembly. Get jobs done quickly – and safely – with Premium.

Robotic Dry Ice Blasting Benefits:
  • Easily clean circular, rectangular or square-shaped ducts that are horizontal, vertical or sloped.
  • Quickly and effectively clean ductwork, pipes and more without shutting down your plant or facility, and without disassembly, added manpower, harsh chemicals or a messy clean-up process.
  • Record the entire cleaning process with mounted camera on the robots to ensure the robot’s work meets your standards and requirements.
  • Use robotic dry ice blasting to reduce fire hazard, improve air quality, pass regulatory inspections, reduce operational costs, realize efficiency gains and boost production quality in your plant or facility.
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