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Sponge Blasting Lowers Waste, Boosts Efficiency

Sponge Blasting, Premium Plant Services
  • Cleaning boat bottoms
  • Cleaning granite or stone
  • Cleaning old masonry
  • Cleaning old Wood
  • Removing graffiti or paint
  • Removing lead paint
  • Removing rust & profiling surfaces
  • Removing soot

Premium Plant Services is proud to offer sponge blasting as an effective alternative to sandblasting and hydroblasting. Sponge blasting is a clean, waterless, low-dust, reusable method for cleaning industrial facilities.

Our sponge blasting services utilize Sponge-Jet technology. This innovative system greatly reduces operating waste, water use and dust production. It also gives operators unmatched application control and the ability to prepare sensitive surfaces, even during normal plant operations and concurrently with other blasting projects.

With our sponge blasting services, you get peace of mind. Whether you need delicate cleaning or aggressive coating removal and profiling, Premium Plant Services' sponge blasting services can increase your production, efficiency and profits. No other service company can match Premiumís level of cleaning solutions and quality of service.